Camaro Fest

Camaro5 is very excited to announce that the largest 5th-generation Camaro track-day in the country is returning to Leace Oil Raceway in Indianapolis for one more year!

The attendance last year was the highest ever recorded at a Camaro Fest. And with over 1000 Camaros joining us throughout the weekend, we reached an enthusiast milestone as well!

Camaro5 Fest has always represented the enthusiasm of the Camaro5 online forums brought to life in the ‘real world’. With attendance reaching as high as it did, a resounding message was sent that our members are excited about this event and have high expectations when they drive across the country to enjoy each others’ company!

We got the message!

Returning to Indianapolis once more offers a phenomenal opportunity to improve a number of aspects of the Fest, and we’re thrilled at this point to offer a few details on the new improvements we’re making to the Camaro5 Fest for your enjoyment.